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SerenDestiny #3: Drama Derails Dreams

“It gets late early out there.” – Yogi Berra

A friend was telling me, over a long overdue walk-talk, why she had cut off after-hours contact with some of her co-workers.

“At least once a week we’d go out for dinner at a local restaurant. And the conversation was always the same. . . who’d done what to whom to at work. Tasha had come back late from lunch, again. Steve had ripped into Carly, right in front of everybody. Janice had dissed Angel’s new outfit.

‘I got tired of it. I realized that every hour I spent disssecting who’d done what to whom was an hour not spent doing something worthwhile.

‘I’m 44 years old. I feel like I’m in a dead-end job, but I can’t afford to walk because the job market is so tough right now. I’m making decent money and I’ve got my health insurance and vacation, so I’m going to stay where I am – but I needed something to look forward to.

‘So,” and she looked at me with a big smile, “I signed up for painting classes every Tuesday night.

‘I used to love to paint in school, but everyone told me I couldn’t earn a living at it, so I put it aside when I started working. I haven’t done it in years but it’s coming back to me. In fact, my teacher is having us submit our work for an art show coming up later this year. I finally feel I’m doing something with my life instead of just spinning my wheels.”

Hmmm. Do you spend time with friends who spend most their time talking about what other people are doing?

Is drama blocking your dreams?

What’s something you used to love to do that you’ve put on the shelf?

Could you bring it back into your life to give you something to look forward to?

That one step could set SerenDestiny in motion and connect you with compatible people and activities that move your life forward – for good.