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SerenDestiny #43: Hunches are Your Calling . . . Calling

“Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.” – Dr. Joyce Brothers

Have you ever had an inkling to walk down this street, register for that event, reach out to this person; and it resulted in connecting you with someone or something that moved your life forward – for good?

Think about it. What are hunches? Where do they come from?

Some people call hunches “intuition.” Others call them a “gut instinct or gut feelings.” Creative people may call them their “muse.” Religious people sometimes call them divine intervention or “God Winks.” Some call them “premonition” or a “sixth sense.”

I’ve learned many things about hunches while interviewing people for my upcoming SerenDestiny book including:

a. Whatever you call hunches, they’re almost always right.
b. Hunches happen for a reason. A good reason.
c. Acting on hunches often results in a “stroke of luck,” good fortune, a blessing, a fortuitous twist of fate, what some people call “kismet.”

People from around the world have told me dramatic stories of how honoring a hunch set their SerenDestiny in motion.

The problem is, many of us don’t value hunches. We get an internal nudge to do this, go there, but we dismiss it with “I don’t feel like it. I don’t have time. That’s crazy. I’ll do it later.” And later is too late.

I remember a fascinating TV interview of Gavin de Becker, author of The Gift of Fear and a high-profile security consultant.

He said, “I ask people who have been assaulted if there were any warning signs beforehand. Many tell me they couldn’t put their finger on it, but they knew something was . . . wrong. The hairs on the backs of their arms stood up; their heart started pounding; something.

‘When I ask them, ‘Why didn’t you run or call for help?’ they often say they looked around and couldn’t see anything suspicious. Since they couldn’t see any evidence to justify their alarm, they dismissed it. They shrugged off their fears instead of realizing their body went on alert for a reason and they should take steps to protect themselves.”

What’s the point?

Our body gives us signs when it senses dissonance. Our instincts sense when something’s about to go wrong.

I’ve come to believe our body also give us signs when it senses resonance Our instincts sense when something’s about to go right.

I call those warning signs “hostile hunches.”

I call those resonant signs “harmonic hunches.”

Just as our instincts alert us to a coalescing of hostile circumstances, they also alert us to a coalescing of harmonic circumstances.

Survival hunches alerting us to dangerous circumstances prepare us for fight or flight.

Serendestiny hunches alerting us to desirable circumstances prepare us for a favorable future.

Acting on “hostile” hunches can keep us safe.

Acting on “harmonic” hunches can jump-start our fate.

One of the goals of this SerenDestiny blog and my upcoming book are to convince you of the miracles that await you if you honor your hostile and harmonic hunches.

Hostile hunches can alert you to toxic people and situations that will pull you off path.

Harmonic hunches alert you to compatible individuals and situations that can become stepping stones to a life where the light’s on in your eyes.

What’s non-negotiable is that you don’t dismiss hunches as “silly” or “trivial.”

I’ll say it again. Whatever hunches are; they’re rarely wrong.

If your gut is screaming at you to get away from a certain person or situation – even if there’s no “evidence” for your distrust or distaste – accept that it’s in your best interests to head the other direction. Toxic individuals and situations block your SerenDestiny because conflict consumes energy.

If a certain person or situation strikes a chord with you, if they’ve got a good “vibe,” seek them out. Even if you can’t put your finger on it, but an opportunity “feels right,” pursue that compatible connection in the moment.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in my years of researching SerenDestiny is the importance of capitalizing on a confluence of fortuitous factors. This “conFLOWence” is dynamic, it’s fleeting. For whatever reason, a providential combination of events has crystallized and come together NOW.

If you don’t capitalize on it immediately, that particular set of circumstances shifts and that window of opportunity . . . closes, perhaps forever.

Who knows if those agianst-all-odds fortuitous factors will re-align again?

I’m not trying to be melodramatic. It’s just that, as Graham Greene said, “There is a moment in every child’s life when the door opens and lets the future in.”

There are moments in everyone’s life when a door opens and lets their future in.

It’s up to us to be alert to those moments and take advantage of them. By definition, they only exist for a brief time.

From now on, understand that hunches are SerenDestiny Stepping Stones appearing before you are gifts from the universe. They are pointing out a harmonic path that will align you with like-minded individuals and opportunities. All you have to do is step forward in faith.

This isn’t woo-woo. Thousands of individuals have vouched for the “you wouldn’t believe it if it weren’t true” benefits they’ve reaped as a result of honoring their intuitive nudges.

Next time you get a hunch, even if you’re tired or busy; even if you don’t know where it’s going; follow its lead. Something or someone delightful awaits you.

SerenDestiny #34: Are You Connecting The Dots of Coincidences?

“When something unexpectedly wonderful happens, don’t look a gift source in the mouth.  Just say thank you and receive, receive, receive.”  – Sam Horn

Every SerenDestineer I’ve interviewed feels grateful for the synchronistic coincidences – the lucky breaks – that have come their way.

They realize these occurrences didn’t have to happen; they just did.

When good fortune “falls in your life’s lap,”  find a way to honor it.  

This was delightfully demonstrated while flying to a speaking engagement recently.  I was seriously sleep-deprived because I’d been working around the clock with consults and prepping for this global conference.

All I wanted to do was sleep. All the woman next to me wanted to do was talk.

Normally I’d put on my noise reduction headphones and grab some zzzz’s and privacy, however my gut kept telling me, “Talk to this woman” . .  . so I did.

After swapping “What do you do’s?” she asked me to define SerenDestiny.

I told her, “SerenDestiny is doing what puts the lights on in our eyes.”

She asked, “How do you do that?” so I talked about  harmonic hunches  – those instincts that alert us when something’s about to go right –  and how we meet our fate in the middle when we act on those intutive nudges.

My seatmate, Alice, got so excited, she started hopping up and down in her seat. “Oooh. Oooh. “I’m a musician. Do you know what that’s called in music?”

“Please tell me.”

“When two notes play in perfect harmony, they create a new third note that’s called a Tartini Tone.”

Now it was my turn to get excited.

“That’s it. That’s exactly what happens when we connect with someone who’s operating on the same wave length. That harmonic coming together creates a new third entity  . . .  a vibrationally-aligned venture or relationship that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.”

We continued our conversation and I vowed to send her a signed copy of SerenDestiny in appreciation for her insightful contribution.

As soon as we landed, I looked up “Tartini Tone” in Wikipedia and discovered it was named after Giuseppe Tartini. He was the first one to study this “sum tone” or “combination tone” that is created when two tones vibratie in harmony.

I’m so grateful for that “coincidental” meeting with Alice as it’s a sublime example of how we set our SerenDestiny in motion when we act on our intuition.

I could have put on my headphones and ignored her, but instead I heeded that hunch that told me, “Talk to this woman.”

The result? A SerenTini: a harmonious meeting that produced a mutually-rewarding insight that moved my work forward – for good.

I’ve always loved Mesiter Ekhart’s insight, “If the only prayer we ever said was ‘thank you,’ that would be enough”  . . .  however I’ve come to believe that saying “Thank you” for these uncanny coincidences isn’t enough.

From now on, if you want to lead the life you’re meant to live,  connect the dots of coincidences and follow up with congruent people who “happen” to cross your path.   Doing this can create a mutually-beneficial collaboration that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.  From now on . . .

A = Stay Alert for against-the-odds occurrences.  They are actually Stepping Stones that will set your SerenDestiny in motion.

A = Appreciate “lucky breaks” that connect you with congruent individuals who have your “front.  They’re sent to  facilitate your best future.

A = Act on harmonic hunches: they will move your life forward – for good.