Sam Horn set her SerenDestiny in motion years ago when she decided that it was not only possible to live the life you’re meant to live – it’s your right and responsibility to set that in motion on a daily basis.

She defines SerenDestiny as “leading the life you’re meant to live” and it is a byproduct of acting in accordance with your instincts, interests and integrity at Crucial Crossroads.

She has interviewed people frrom around the world who love their life and asked them, “What’s led to you living the life you’re meant to live? What and who helped? What and who hurt? What advice would you give others about how they can create a life of purpose, on purpose?”

She shares the resulting epiphanies in this blog, in her presentations, and in her upcoming book.

Sam’s learned a lot about SerenDestiny including that it’s not something we achieve at the end of our life – it’s a daily dyanmic unfolding that results from:

* doing our half and investing sweat equity to prove our passion
* honoring hostile and harmonic hunches that alert us to dissonance and resonance
* capitalizing on coincidences – they’re not accidents, they’re our best future meeting us halfway
* focusing on our 5% so we’re spending our time and talent on what really matters
* turning satisfiction into satisfaction by using what we’re good at – for good
* adopting an “If I Don’t Go; I’ll Never Know” willingness to “do the new”
* changing our default so our automatic beliefs and behaviors serve vs sabotage our happiness
* aligning with compatible people who have our back and our front to fast-forward our fate
* thinking for our self and betting our self instead of giving in and going alone with popular opinion
* being willing to turn our car around when we’re headed in the wrong direction
* having fun – it’s not frivolous; it’s a prerequisite for the peak performance state of flow
* knowing our non-negotitables – what we stand for and what we won’t stand for
* not waiting for people to read our mind or give us what we want
* getting comfortable in our own skin instad of constantly comparing ourselves to others
* Reversing what was done to us so we give misfortune meaning
* going with our gut, intuition and emotions so we make decisions that feel right

When Sam is not writing or speaking about SerenDestiny, she is working with entrepreneurs and organizations to help them become one-of-a-kind instead of one-of-many.

She is an award-winning communication/creativity consultant with a 20 year track record of results with an international clientele including Fortune 500 Forum, Young Presidents Organization, Hewlett-Packard, NASA, Kaiser Permanente, National Governors Association, KPMG, Boeing, Intel and Capital One.

She was one of the top-rated speakers (along with Tom Peters, Seth Godin and Jim Collins) at the 2008 INC Magazine’s annual 500/5000 convention honoring the top entrepreneurial organizations in the country.

Other credentials include being:

* An in-demand media resource who’s been interviewed on National Public Radio, BusinessWeek.com,  on every major TV network (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX) and on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. Dawn Stackhouse of MSNBC said, “You were the perfect person to have on our elevator pitch segment.”

* Official Pitch Coach for Springboard Enterprises which has coaches women entrepreneurs to receive more than $5 billion in venture capital.

* Author of 5 books from major publishers including POP!, Tongue Fu!, What’s Holding You Back? ConZentrate and Take the Bully by the Horns which have been published in 17 countries (including China) and featured in NY Times, Washington Post, Investors Business Daily, Chicago Tribune, etc.

Do you want an inspiring keynoter who can get your conference off to a rousing start? Contact Sam at Sam@SamHorn.com to discuss your program and to find out how Sam can deliver a program that helps make your event a resounding success.

The following are just a few of the hundreds of glowing evaluations Sam has received from groups ranging from Cisco to Intel to Young Presidents Organization. She hopes to have an opportunity to inspire your employees or members to do their half to create a life and workplace they love.

“A thousand thanks for bringing your provocative and powerful program to our group. Our audience felt they received extremely valuable information presented in an exciting, interesting and entertaining way.” – Shirley Gilbert & Pat Erwin, Hewlett-Packard

“My staff thoroughly enjoyed your excellent presentation.  I want to share just one of the compliments: ‘By far the most informative communications class I’ve ever attended. Ms. Horn is a dynamic speaker who captures the audience and places emphasis on practical subject matter’.” – Lt. Cmdr. T.J. Concannon, Commanding Officer, MEPS, U.S. Navy

“Never have I witnessed such positive comments regarding a presenter at a state conference.  Attendees said you really directed your program to and for us.” – Steve Yager, Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents

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