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SerenDestiny #57: A Hundred Days of Summer: Music. Movement. Musings.

“Is not life a hundred times too short for us to become bored?” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Why is it some of us take life for granted when we’re fortunate to be blessed with health, freedom and love?

I think it has a lot to do with routines.

We get up at the same time. Have a quick breakfast or cup of coffee. Go to work. Come home. Have dinner with family, friends or ourselves. Take care of chores, bills, email and social media. Maybe watch some TV. Go to bed.

The downside of routines is it’s easy for life to become … routine.

And life is much too precious to become routine.

So, I’m doing something about it …and inviting you along.

Did you know we have exactly 100 days between now and Labor Day?

Let’s make those 100 days special. Let’s make this a summer to remember … a summer we’ll always remember.


We have our health, freedom, friends and family. We have the big outdoors waiting for us to take advantage of it.

Let’s make the most of them.

Let’s create something special so we look back on Labor Day and smile at the exhilarating abundance we’ve experienced and enjoyed.

I vow (and hope you’ll vow with me) to:

MOVE: Every day I will get out for a fast walk somewhere NEW with my smart-phone, notepad and loyal canine companion, Murphy.

NEW movement is the key. No routine walks around the neighborhood, no working out on the treadmill in our basement or the Stairmaster at the gym.

Let’s move outside in nature and immerse ourselves in these summer days. I live in an incredible lakeside community with forested walking trails and stream parks. I’m going to explore them all.

MUSIC: Every day I will put in a new track on Pandora – which is free and an absolute joy – and sample fresh music.

MUSINGS: Every day I will take a photo of something I notice along the way. When observations turn into Aha’s, revelations or epiphanies about the essential nature of something; I will pause to write it down.

I will report out every day – share an insight and image of my musical and musings and movement – and hope you will too.

I promise to keep these to UNDER 500 words – and ask that you too.

With that said, I’ve got 58 words left so I better get cracking.

MUSIC: Hallelujah Radio on Pandora

MOVEMENT: Around Lake Audubon in Reston, VA

MUSINGS: Image of “Gratitude Bench” – where I go to send up thanks for all that’s right with my world.

Love that there was a life-jacket hanging on the bench. You know what I think?

Gratitude is a spiritual life-jacket that keeps us afloat in emotional storms.

Your turn.