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SerenDestiny #50: Jog Your Memory to Be All You Used To Be

I jogged today …

for the first time in a long time …

and it all came back.

The rhythm,

the flow,

the heightened sense of awareness and appreciation for my surroundings,

the feeling that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing …

getting outside in nature and moving and breathing and sweating.

I used to be an athlete.

For 40 years, swimming, playing tennis, running and riding horses defined me.

It was who I was … what I did.

Then, for a variety of reasons, I stopped.

At this point, it doesn’t matter why I stopped ..

what matters is I’ve started again.

What matters is it feels so right and I make it a daily part of my life.

I am a jogger.

It is who I am.

It is what I do.

It is my way of celebrating life …

and celebrating the fact I have the freedom and blessed health to get outside and move joyously.

I am a jogger.

Who did you “used” to be?

What used to define you?

What are you going to do today to become that person again?


SerenDestiny #45: How Does Giving AND Receiving Set Your SerenDestiny in Motion?

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“You can give without loving; but you cannot love without giving.” – Amy Carmichael You’ve heard it’s better to give than receive? I don’t think it’s an either/or – I think it’s both. I think it’s better to give AND … Continue reading

SerenDestiny #41: If You Don’t Ask, The Answer is Always No

“Ask for what you want. The worst people can do is not give it to you which is precisely where you were before you asked.” – Peter McWilliams

A dear colleague, Dr. Caitlin Williams, traveled to my home on the lake recently to spend the weekend so we could strategize her book and map out a compelling format and Table of Contents to help it break out.

It was a beautiful fall day, so we went for a lake walk to Gratitude Bench to steep ourselves in nature and jump-start our creative juices.

While sitting there and drinking in the green/gold splendor, I told her about the time I was thinking about how much I missed my walking buddy and a voice said, “We can’t do anything if you complain. You have to ask.”


So I asked, “Could I please meet someone who lives nearby, has a dog that gets along with Murph and does work similar to me so we can talk shop while we walk?”

I walked out my front door, and lo and behold, 50 yards down the sidewalk, stood Robin, an entrepreneur with her (as she calls him) Golden Recliner. And yes, we enjoyed many delightful walk-talks in the following months.

Ever since then, if I find myself thinking about what I don’t have; I turn it into a question and ask for what I’d like to have.

After sharing this with Caitlin, I mentioned the “good omen” blue heron who lives on our lake. I always feel blessed to see him, however weeks often go by without a sighting.

No sooner had I said this when it occurred to me I had lapsed into the default of “complaining.” I immediately rephrased it into a request, “Could Mr. Blue Heron please put in an appearance?”

Guess who flew over our heads 60 seconds later?

And no, I’m not making this up. You CAN’T make this stuff up.

What are the odds of that happening? Of our good luck charm being in that part of the lake at that particular moment– just as we requested a fly-by?

Have you been missing something? Could you reframe that into a request and ASK for what you’d like to have, see or experience?

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love said, “Every day you wake up, ask yourself, ‘What do I really, really want?’ You have to say really, really’ otherwise you won’t believe it.”

Miracles happen when we ask for what we really want.

I’m speaking from experience. As many of you know, I had a significant birthday this summer and decided it was too important to me to be left to chance.

So, I boldly ASKED for what I wanted – which was to be surrounded by family and friends, all of us happy, healthy and sharing memories.

That’s exactly what happened . . . and more.

Thanks to everyone who flew in for the weekend and for Mary Loverde and Denise Brossueau planning my “This is Your Life Jeopardy Game” at the National Press Club and for asking people from around the world to contribute to my Memory Jar.

If you’d like more details; I’m featuring the Thank You letter I sent to everyone who so graciously contributed and/or participated in my next blog.

Do you have a birthday coming up?

Why not make it the best one you could ask for . . . . 🙂


SerenDestiny #37: What’s Your Vitamin D That Leads to SerenDestiny?

“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.” – Steve Martin I’ll always remember reading a newspaper article about a multi-million dollar study that found that people in rest/retirement homes did better when they were placed near a window where … Continue reading

SerenDestiny #28: SerenDestineer and Hall of Fame Speaker Mary Loverde Talks about ReIntenting Yourself

“Success is measured by the amount of joy you feel.” A. Hicks

“True Wealth is determined by the amount of discretionary time you have.” – Alan Weiss

Do you agree with the above quotes?

If so, you’ll want to meet 4-time Oprah guest and Connection Expert Mary Loverde who is the epitome of a wealthy, successful person.

When you can’t keep up - CONNECT! -Mary Loverde

easy and effortless

Mary is also a walking-talking example of someone who has set her SerenDestiny in motion.

The author of best-selling books Stop Screaming at the Microwave and I Used to Have a Handle on Life – But It Broke, spokesperson for Gogurt and The American Sleep Council and keynoter for such top organizations as Pfizer, Four Seasons and Lockheed Martin; Mary got a deep urge last year to sell her dream home (that she had spent years designing and developing) and . . . “go with the flow.”

Yes, she still speaks for large organizations around the world, and yes she is blogging about her adventures so her many fans can vicariously experience her thought-provoking epiphanies, however her primary mission for the next few years is to “dance with life.”

See, Mary discovered ballroom dancing awhile back and has discovered it is a perfect metaphor for life.

Dancing is about partnering, taking it one step at a time, trusting, balancing, being willing to try new things and moving easily, effortlessly and joyfully.

When you think about it . . . life is about partnering, taking it one step at a time, trusting, balancing, being willing to try new things and moving easily, effortless and joyfully.

You’ve heard of transforming your life? Mary is danceforming her life.

Awhile back Mary mentioned to me that her philosophy these days is easy and effortless.

When she said this, I looked at her, askance.

“Wow. Mary, that’s contrary to the Puritan work ethic I grew up with. I’m pretty sure I heard somewhere along the way that if something’s easy, it’s not worth doing or having. My default belief is hard work is rather noble and is its own best reward. I love my business, but I work pretty hard at it. I put in long hours, often 6-7 days a week.”

Mary laughed and said, “I used to believe that too . . . but that results in a life where you work hard and then you die. I’m convinced there’s more to life than that. We are supposed to live in abundance, well-being and joy. The good news is, when we perceive things as being easy and effortless, it helps make them so.”

Hmmm . . . food for thought.

If you’re curious about this intriguing approach to life, join us for a free tele-interview on March 28 at 8 pm ET as Mary joins us from Kauai (yes, as in Hawaii . . . and yes, this is part of the story) and shares her step-by-step process for re-intenting yourself.

Are you thinking, “I have a family to take care of, bills to pay. I can’t abandon my responsibilities and run off to Hawaii to find myself.”

Rest assured. Mary doesn’t suggest that as she’s clear you’re as likely to find yourself in your backyard as you are in Bali.

You will discover that reintenting yourself and setting your SerenDestiny in motion is not selfish, indulgent or hedonistic – it is one of the most responsible things you can do as it results in more joy which serves you and everyone around you.

Really, we were not put here to suffer – we were put here to live fully and to revel in life and appreciate it.

If you’ve ever wondered how to:
· Combine your passion and profession
· Make a “good living” doing what you love
· Feel good now . . . not someday when you retire or have more time and money
· Have the courage to be exactly who you are – on purpose – and get paid for it
· Discover what puts the light on in your eyes, the smile in your soul, the dance in your step

. . join us March 28th at 8 pm ET as Sam Horn interviews Mary Loverde http://www.maryloverde.com

I’ve known Mary for 15 years and can promise a fascinating interview with a one-of-a-kind individual who is role-modeling that not only can we have the best of all worlds . . . it is our right and responsibility.

If you are ready to take your next step in life – but are not sure how – Mary’s step-by-step strategies will teach you how. Email us at info@SamHorn.com with “Mary Loverde” in the subject heading and we’ll send call-in instructions for that March 28 tele-interivew.

Or, if you can’t make the live interview and are interested in the MP3 recording, contact us at info@SamHorn.com.