SerenDestiny #47: What’s Holding You Back from Your SerenDestiny?

“I have heard every excuse in the book – except a good one.” – Bob Greene

As I interview people about whether they’re fulfilling their SerenDestiny (a deeply satisfying life in which the light is on in your eyes because you’re doing what you love most and do best) – I hear a variety of reasons why that’s not happening for some of them.

Their reasons (excuses?) seem to fall into 7 basic beliefs that seem to be preventing them from leading the life they WANT to live.

You might want to review these beliefs – all of which are false – to see if any pertain to you.

7 False Beliefs That Hold Us Back from a Life Where The Light Is on In Our Eyes

1. Doing what we love is selfish, irresponsible and won’t “pay the bills.”

2. We need lots of expertise, experience and money to launch a SerenDestiny business, product, program or non-profit that serves all involved.

3. We must do a lot of research and have all our “ducks in a row” before we begin. We can’t start until we have 100% clarity about our how-to’s and next steps.

4. It’s arrogant and grandiose to think big and believe we can create something on a national or international level.

5. If we start something and it doesn’t succeed right away, we see it as a sign that we were foolish to do this and we’re doomed to fail.

6. We assume we’re solely responsible to provide all the energy, discipline and drive to turn our dream into reality.

7. We think (or we’ve been told) we’ve missed our window of opportunity. We’re too old; we’re locked into a golden handcuffs career, we’re unemployed and HAVE to find a “real job,” or we have people depending on us so we’re not “free” to pursue meaningful work that matters.

Want good news? I’ve met hundreds of people who are walking-talking proof that the above beliefs don’t have to be true.

In my next blog, I’ll share one of my favorite stories of someone who shows it’s never too late – or too early – to find and fulfill your SerenDestiny.

How about you?

Do any of the above beliefs resonate with you? How so? Or tell us how you USED to have one or more of these limiting beliefs – and how you changed them to set your SerenDestiny in motion.

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