SerenDestiny #46: Are You Living the Life You’re Born to Live? Take This Quiz to Find Out

“If you are working on something exciting you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs

One of the great joys of my life is interviewing SerenDestineers who are getting paid to do what they love most and do best.

You can’t make up the stories I’ve heard from people around the world who have turened their passionate purpose into a paying profession that is pulling them through life.

Take a few minutes to answer these questions – they can help you determine if you’re in that exquisite state of SerenDestiny. They can also help you pinpoint what’s helping and what’s hurting when it comes to living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

And if you have the pleasure and privilege of earning a GOOD living doing what you’re born to do … please comment below and contact me so I can interview you and share your lessons-learned with others.

SerenDestiny Quiz: Are You Living the Life and Doing the Work You’re Born to Do?

by Sam Horn, The Intrigue Expert and originator of SerenDestiny

1. Are you in a state of SerenDestiny? On a scale of 1 – 10 with 1 being “I don’t like my life and work at all” to 10 being “I love my life and work and things just keep getting better and better,” where are you?

2. What’s contributing to your state of SerenDestiny? What’s compromising it?

3. Part of SerenDestiny is choosing a “less traveled” path at a Crucial Crossroads that FELT RIGHT for you – even if it was a risk and you didn’t receive support at the time. When was a time you “went with your gut” and it ended up being one of the best decisions you’ve ever made?

4. SerenDestineers understand the importance of acting on coincidences and honoring intuitive hunches. They know that “serendipity” is not woo-woo and it’s not an accident – it’s our best future meeting us halfway. Has there been a “God wink” that jump-started a life you love?

5. Finding our SerenDestiny often involves becoming a social entrepreneur. You had a vision or saw a problem, need or opportunity and thought, “Somebody should DO something about this.” Then you realized, “I’m as much a somebody as anybody. I’ll do something about this.” Is that what happened for you? Explain.

6. Fulfilling our SerenDestiny often requires us to persevere through the desert of our dream. A time there was no “there, there.” Our idea, invention or initiative only existed in our mind and we had to keep going – even though we didn’t know what we were doing, the money wasn’t coming or things weren’t progressing the way we hoped. Was there a time like that in your life? How did you keep going?

7. Who is someone you know who’s a walking-talking example of a SerenDestineer? Describe that person. What did they do to create a personal and professional life where they’re in their wheelhouse?

8. Do you have a calling or a mission? A unique talent, special gift, singular experience, belief, hobby you love – and you’d like to make a living at it – but just don’t know how? Or, have you abandoned this pursuit becaue someone told you it was silly, crazy or would never work? Explain.

9. SerenDestiny is a way to live a rewarding, meaningful life where we don’t end up with regrets. Why don’t more people do it?

10. A joyous aspect of SerenDestiny is aligning with compatible people who have our back AND our front – who believe in us, stretch us, hold us accountable, keep us centered. Who is that person or group for you? What impact have they had on you?

11. Have there been times you’ve wavered from your SerenDestiny? Times you’ve fallen off path, gotten off purpose, frittered away your gifts? What happened? How did you get back on track?

12. What’s the biggest challenge about living a life of SerenDestiny? The biggest reward?

13. What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you about leading a life where the light’s on in your eyes?

14. What advice would you give someone who wants to find and fulfill their SerenDestiny?

15. Do you have a favorite inspirational quote you keep “in sight, in mind” to remind you of what matters most so you stay in a state of SerenDestiny? What is it?

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