SerenDestiny #45: How Does Giving AND Receiving Set Your SerenDestiny in Motion?

“You can give without loving; but you cannot love without giving.” – Amy Carmichael

You’ve heard it’s better to give than receive?

I don’t think it’s an either/or – I think it’s both.

I think it’s better to give AND receive.

I’m a little late to this party.

Like many of you, as a parent and business owner, I’ve done more than my fair share of giving. It comes with the territory, doesn’t it?

However, one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned over the last few years is, “Our strength taken to an extreme becomes our Achilles Heel.”

It was my good friend Mary Loverde who brought this to my attention when suggesting that my 2011 mantra be, “Receive, receive, receive.”

So, every time I walk Murph, (my cute Jack Russell pictured above who’s been a constant companion the last ten years), I think to myself … “Receive, receive, receive.”

I cannot begin to describe the miracles that have come into my life as a result.

Hopefully, I still give to others, –often in the form of brainstorming, strategizing and POP!ing their priority projects in the halls of meetings, during meals or while on walk-talks.

However, I balance that now by graciously accepting offers of assistance.

When people offer to initiate on my behalf, my new answer is, “That would be wonderful.”

When a fellow flyer offers to put my overnight bag in the overhead bin, my answer is now, “Yes, thank you,” instead of “That’s okay, I’ve got it.”

If I do a favor for someone and they say, “What I can do for you?” I think of something instead of automatically (and unintentionally) ‘dissing their offer with, “Nothing, thanks. I was glad to help out.”

I never realized that giving, giving, giving is a one-way relationship.

It often makes other people uncomfortable because they feel it’s inequitable.

One of the great truths is, …”Any extreme is unhealthy.”

Over-giving is as unhealthy as under-giving.

Thanks to Mary’s insights, I’ve got that in better balance these days, and my life’s been enriched in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

For example, a strategic retreat held at my lake-home this past weekend demonstrated the miracles that can happen when people come together with the express purpose of giving and receiving.

Notice, it’s not giving and taking.

There’s a gracious gratitude inferred in the word “receiving” that’s crucial.

Over the course of two days, 12 leaders from around North America supported each other, advised each other, recommended resources and operated as “rising tide raises all boats” emissaries on each other’s behalf.

It was a beautiful thing to behold.

I’ll be facilitating another strategic retreat on June 22-24 as the culmination of a 6 month Master Mind program that starts in January.

If you’d like the blessing of being involved in a group of smart, talented professionals from around the country – – all dedicated to helping each other achieve their objectives –- contact to receive details.

The focus is on connecting with encouraging, accountability partners via regularly-scheduled virtual meetings so you don’t have to go it alone.

You can opt for 1 or 2 hours of private consulting in addition to our group calls so you can make a deep dive into your 2012 priorities, put tangible dates on the calendar and reverse-engineer feasible monthly deliverables so you make steady, satisfying progress.

Our goal is to help you FINISH what you set out to do and get your message, mission, products and services out in the world so they can make a positive difference for others and a prosperous living for you.

A bonus?

The 2-day strategic retreat at my lake-home near Wash DC’s Dulles Aiport, plus the celebratory dinner at the National Press Club, is INCLUDED in the price of the 6 month Master Mind package.

We have four openings left. Call Cheri at 805 528-4351 or email today to register and get details.

And now … back to the dual concept of giving AND receiving.

How about you?

What are your lessons-learned about balancing the two?

Would love to hear your insights as to how this has played out in your life – and how it’s helped you set your SerenDestiny in motion and create a life and career where the light’s on in your eyes and you’re doing what you love most and do best.

2 responses to “SerenDestiny #45: How Does Giving AND Receiving Set Your SerenDestiny in Motion?

  1. Wonderful picture of Murphy!

  2. How serendipitous Sam. This has been core to my growth too over the past six years, and it does not surprise me that Mary gave you that wise advice. A friend on a similar path (we support each other on it in the spirit of give and take) said there is a Sufi concept that “God creates only co-equal partners.” The flow flow give and take (not quid pro quo) keeps power in balance, reduces the chance of resentment by those who tend to give, give, give and nudges those who become accustomed to “getting” to appreciate what they get more when it doesn’t continue to happen without some reciprocity along the way

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