SerenDestiny® #40: How Glee Star Jane Lynch is Living Her SerenDestiny®

“I said yes to everything, even when I thought I should be over there or over here, and I ended up getting a better life than I ever imagined for myself.” – Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch is on a roll.

Not only has she won an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a People’s Choice Award for her breakout role on Glee, she is hosting the Emmys on Sunday.

On top of that, she just came out with a memoir titled Happy Accidents that chronicles the ups-and-downs of her life that now “feels so right and so wonderful.”

In a USA Today interview with Bill Keveney, Lynch says her life looks “like a series of happy accidents when it was really just me saying yes and being really prepared.”

Jane is right.

Those “happy accidents” when we meet just the right person at the right time really aren’t accidents – they are our destiny meeting us halfway.

And she’s also right that we need to have our antennae up for those happy accidents and be prepared to act on them – otherwise the opportunities and connections they bring go away.

This excerpt from the intro to my upcoming book SerenDestiny® explores this concept a bit more. Hope you enjoy it . . .

A few years ago, while having dinner with my sons, Andrew said, “Hey, Mom, I ran into Ryan last night. It was kind of wierd. I hadn’t seen him since high school and was wondering what he was up to. Then, there he was, out of the blue.”

I laughed and said, “Oh Andrew. That wasn’t out of the blue.”

“What you do you mean?”

“That’s called Serendipity. Those kinds of coincidences are often called happy accidents, but I don’t think they’re accidents. I think they’re a gift.”

“How so?”

“Think about it. What are the odds of that happening? You’re thinking about Ryan and all of a sudden he shows up?? That means your paths crossed for a reason. It’s your job to figure out why and follow up. Maybe you’re meant to collaborate with Ryan on something.”

Andrew was intrigued. He came up to me later and said, “Mom, I really like that concept of . . . SerenDestiny®.”

Aahhh. Out of the mouths of teens. Little did I know that casual conversation would launch an incredibly rewarding, new direction in my writing, speaking, coaching career.

The idea of SerenDestiny®
intrigued me too. I realized, looking back, that my life has been a series of SerenDestiny® Stepping Stones.

From an early age, something “out of the blue” would happen and I would somehow, instinctively, understand it was my job to capitalize on it. That would lead to something wonderful which would in turn lead to something even more wonderful.

People often tell me how lucky I am to do the work I was born to do and I agree.

But I think it’s more than luck.

In retrospect, I now see there were a variety of contributing factors that played a role in me leading a life I love.

Whenever it was time to make a pivotal life decision – what I now call Crucial Crossroads — I honored my instincts. Every time I did, it paid off. Every time I didn’t, I paid the price.

The more I explored this concept, the more I started defining SerenDestiny® as “leading the life we’re meant to live – a life where the light is on in our eyes.”

I started asking everyone I met, “Are you leading the life you’re meant to live? Have you found your SerenDestiny®? If so, why? If not, why not?”

I’ve learned a lot, including . . .


Want to know more?

If so, email us at, put SerenDestiny® in your subject heading, and we’ll be glad to send you the rest of that Intro plus the chapter in the SerenDestiny® book that explores the significance of “happy accidents” and how we can capitalize on them to create a life that, as Jane Lynch says, “feels so right and wonderful.”

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