SerenDestiny #37: What’s Your Vitamin D That Leads to SerenDestiny?

“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.” – Steve Martin

I’ll always remember reading a newspaper article about a multi-million dollar study that found that people in rest/retirement homes did better when they were placed near a window where they could see and feel the sun.

Alex, I’ll take $100 for “Duh.”

Did we really need to spend a few million dollars to discover that?

Just watch your dog or cat.  They know.  You’ll often find them stretched out in the sun, soaking up the rays and the vitiman D.

Part of leading a life we love is taking responsibility on a daily basis for doing things that feel right.

What do you do every day that makes your life feel right? 

Meditation?  Yoga? Reading a story to your kids before they go to sleep?  Gardening?  Working out?  Journaling?

When I was away at college and throughout my 20’s, whenever I made like ET and phoned home to my parents, they never asked, “How are you?” 

They’d just ask, “Are you running?”

They knew that if I was running, all was right with my world.

If I wasn’t, it wasn’t.

I don’t run anymore, but I get outside everyday and walk.

For me, they’re both non-negotiatble.

If I get outside in nature – sunshine or not – if I get my legs moving and my arms swinging – I feel I’m making the most of my mobility, my freedom and my life.

If I don’t – if I get busy and the day slips away from me – I always feel a twinge of regret. I know I didn’t meet my SerenDestiny halfway that day.

How about you?  What’s your Vitamin D that leads to SerenDestiny?  What’s one thing you do – every day – that’s a “duh” for you?

Life doesn’t give do-overs.

Today, take your Vitamin D.  Do one thing that feels quintessentially right – so you go to bed tonight with a smile in your heart, satisfied you did your part.

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