SerenDestiny #23: Do You Review-Preview?

“The days run away like wild horses over the hills.” – Charles Bukowski

Well, they do unless we imprint them.

If we choose to mindfully look around and imprint special moments as they happen, we can return to them anytime we want and savor them all over again.

Which is the point of a review-preview.

This year is almost over.

Have you looked back over the year and picked out the highlights – the memorable interactions, individuals, experiences and epiphanies?

If not, now’s the time.

When I look back over 2010, some top-of-mind experiences were:

* speaking on a cruise with my son Tom. We sailed on the Navigator of the Seas to Rome, Athens and Cairo. I will always remember riding a camel out into the desert and gazing back at the pyramids. We were surrounded by sand and silence and the desert wind. It might as well have been a thousand years ago. We topped off that truly amazing day by dancing on the Nile to the tunes of Egyptian disco.

* seeing my 20-something son Andrew grow a non-profit from an idea in his head to a thriving organization that has already benefitted hundreds of young people in DC by hosting an adaptive clinic on the Nationals Stadium baseball field, taking a group of wide-eyed kids to the White House, and holding a Holiday for Hope Celebration that delighted 600 young people who might not have had a Christmas otherwise.

* being grateful for the blessing of my sister and long-time business manager, Cheri Grimm, recovering from a very serious surgery. As Cheri said, not all highlights are “happy ones.” Sometimes they are simply the love expressed and the shared relief that one has rebounded from a challenging health crisis. Cheri, I am so glad you are back to 100% and I’m looking forward to our best year ever.

* connecting with quality people who thrill me with their mission and message. I have the good fortune to do work I love that matters. As Katherine Graham said, “What could be more fun?” What could be more fun is to do work you love that matters – with people you enjoy and respect. So, having the opportunity to meet people like Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of Omega Institute; Martha Beck, brilliant columnist for O, Patrick Meyer, former Marketing Director for Coca Cola, and many others fills me with gratitude and excitement for joint ventures in 2010.

And seeing my clients’ projects come to fruition – whether that’s Adrian Ott’s book the 24 Hour Customer from Harper Collins receive national press – or The Milennial Lab’s Alicia Blain get asked to speak in Paris – puts a smile in my heart.

* hosting National Press Club dinners where we connect people doing interesting things in the world. These dinners bring togehter an eclectic mix of thought-leaders with the purpose of discussing current projects and serving as resources for each other. What fun it is, in this historic setting with our nation’s history hung on the walls in momentous photos, to see the cerebral sparks fly and to facilitate delightful and enduring alliances that scale the efforts of all involved.

There’s more, including the joy of being part of a mastermind that has already elevated me personally and professionally in ways that are better than I could have imagined – but I promised myself I’d keep this short, so I’ll switch to a preview.

Looking ahead to 2011, I envision and ask that my friends and family continue to enjoy good health and wealth in what really matters. EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) and I are in discussions regarding a European speaking tour where I’d get to share my “Get Anyone Interested in Anything . . . in 60 Seconds or Less” message in Russia, Germany, England, Spain and Germany. Whoo hoo.

One of the highlights of this year was working with EO’s top 27 emerging world leaders to create elevator intros and unique value propositions that turned them into ambassadors for EO. We topped off our workshop at the Leadership Academy with a truly memorable meal at Lincoln’s Cabin —

Sam Horn’ Next to the former President just shortly after working with EO’s top 27 emerging world leaders.

Sam Horn’ next to former President Abraham Lincoln at Lincoln’s Cabin.

and I can’t wait to take this show on the international road.

So, how about you?

What were your blessings of 2010? What are you looking forward to in 2011?

Take a few moments to write down your review-preview, so you can revisit it as often as you like and keep it top-of-mind.

In that way, you are temporarily lasso’ing time and momentarily slowing it down so you can appreciate the experiential treausures of your life anytime you want.

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