SerenDestiny #22: Is The Light On in Your Eyes?

“Control your destiny or someone else will.” – Jack Welch

Jack Welch is right.

We also need to create our destiny – no one else will.

The premise of SerenDestiny is we all have a life we’re meant to live.

It is our responsibility to figure out what that is and wrap our life around it.

Two of my favorite examples of people who are doing just that are . . . my sons Tom and Andrew Horn.

Both grew up in Maui. We would go for walk and rolls every night. I’d walk and the boys would ride their big wheels, skateboards or bikes.

Even then, if you asked Tom what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would point to the sky and say, “Something to do with up there.”

So, you can imagine how gratifying it was when, a week after graduation from VA Tech with a degree in Aeornautical Engineering and a minor in Physics, Math and Astronomy . . . Tom was flown to Houston to interview at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

He was hired and is now (literally and figuratively) living his dream.

As a certified Mission Controller, he gets to work with the International Space Station and Shuttle. As Tom says, with wonder in his voice, “I do something down here and it makes something happen up there.”

The light is on in Tom’s eyes.

Andrew left a cushy corporate job a year out of college (with a degree in Business from VA Tech) to start Dreams for Kids – DC.

This took a lot of guts as he started this non-profit from scratch at a time many were shutting their doors due to the tough enconomy.

Andrew had no money. No team. No location.

What he did have was what I’ve come to call “the valor of his vision.”

Andrew was clear he wanted to do work he was proud of – work that mattered – something that made a positive difference for others.

So, with little more than his resolve and resourcefulness, Andrew launched a philanthropic organization that has now benefitted thousands of kids in the DMV area (DC – Maryland – Virginia).

He has formed relationships with the Washington Nationals, Redskins, and Capitols and hosted adaptive clinics that have given children with disabilities an opportunity to get off the sidelines and into the games of life. The White House invited a group from Dreams for Kids for a private tour. TEDx-NASA-Youth asked Andrew to give a presentation on how Milennials can become social entrepreneurs.

The light is on in Andrew’s eyes.

What’s this got to do with you?

Is the light on in your eyes?

I’ve come to understand the “Is the light on in your eyes?” question is an incredibly accurate litmus test for whether you’re leading the life you’re meant to live.

What do you really want to do with your life?

What could you do that matters – that makes a difference for you and others – that puts the light on in your eyes?

Do you have the valor of your vision to make that happen – to create your SerenDestiny?


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