SerenDestiny #20: What’s Your Life’s Calling?

“I kept doing what I loved, and then the thing I loved to do became the thing I got paid to do.” – Actor John C. Reilly, Chicago, Boogie Nights

Are you getting paid to do what you love to do?

If so, good for you. That’s your life’s calling and you’ve answered the call.

If not, you’ve got a date with your SerenDestiny, and this wonderful Washington Post article –

about music impresario Quincy Jones provides powerful insight into how your life’s calling . . . may be calling you.

Q – as he is known in the music biz – has won 27 Grammy’s, more than any living musician.

As reporter DeNeen Brown says in his excellent article, his “influence on the entertainment industry is almost omnipresent: He helped Michael Jackson start his solo career; persuaded Miles Davis to give a concert in Switzerland; and chose Oprah for a starring role in ‘The Color Purple,’ which he produced with Steven Spielberg.

He also produced ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ which starred Will Smith. And it was Jones who had the star power to put 46 celebrities in one room to sing ‘We Are the World’ to raise money for famine relief.”

The question is, how did all this start?

Not as you might expect.

Quincy had a challenging childhood. His mother was sent to an institution. He was bullied in the “black ghetto” of Chicago. His father moved them to Bremerton, Washington to escape but Quincy and his brother Lloyd became “baby gangsters.”

“We were stealing everything in sight. One night we heard about a shipment of lemon pies coming into the armory. We broke in, ate pie and then, just for the hell of it, broke into other rooms.

Inside one room was a spinet piano.

I almost closed the door,” Jones says. “But God said, ‘Go back in that room!’ And that saved my life.”

Jones walked over to the piano and touched it. “Every cell in my body, every drop of blood said, ‘This is where you will live the rest of your life.’ “

Jones went back to school and studied piano and it was there that he “knew it was in my DNA to be an arranger and composer.”

What do you know, in your DNA, that you’re meant to do?

What puts the light on in your eyes and the music in your soul?

What comes naturally to you?

What are you good at – that you love to do?

That is your life calling . . . and the happiness of your life is directly proportionate to the degree to which you wrap your life around that.

In my next post, I’ll share some of the insights from my upcoming SerenDestiny book about how others have turned their passion into their profession and wrapped their life around their life’s calling – what they love to do – and how you can too.


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