SerenDestiny #15: Pursuing Your Passion Isn’t Enough

“Pursue your passions and you won’t have to chase your dreams; they will come to you.” – Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch was brilliant and his book The Last Lecture has positively influenced millions of people.

However, after having the privilege of interviewing SerenDestineers from around the world who are living the life they’re meant to live; I’ve come to understand that pursuing our passion isn’t enough – we must prove our passion.

Our dreams don’t come to us.

They meet us halfway. It’s up to us to do our half and meet them in the middle.

Are you doing your half?

Who do you know who loves their life?

Who is lit up because they’re living a life of purpose on purpose?

Their dream life didn’t fall into their lap.

They worked for it.

For example, my son Tom Horn is living his dream.

When my sons were growing up in Maui, we would go for “walk and rolls” every night.

Tom and his brother Andrew would ride their big wheels, bikes or skateboards, and I would walk alongside them through our lovely Wailea Kai neighborhood as we enjoyed the gentle night air. I would pluck a plumeria flower for each of us to put on our pillow so we could have sweet dreams.

Even back then, if you asked Tom what he wanted to do, he would point to the sky or the stars and say, “Something to do with up there.”

Well, the week after graduating from VA Tech, Tom was flown to Houston to interview for a job at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. He was hired and a month later moved to Texas to begin his training.

Now, as a certified mission controller, Tom works with the International Space Station and the shuttle. He still gets “chicken skin” (Hawaiin for goose bumps) at the thought that, on a daily basis, he “does something down here and it makes something happen up there.”

Is Tom lucky? You bet he is.

However, Tom woke up his luck by working for it.

He studied four majors during college – aerospace engineering, physics, math and astronomy – to prepare for his dream job. He spend long hours immersing himself in his studies.

And it paid off. (They don’t call it sweat equity for nothing.)

And now?

Well, if you know anything about the U.S. space industry, you know there are only two shuttle missions left. After they’re completed, our astronauts will be hitching rides with the Russians to get to the ISS.

So, guess what Tom is doing?

Studying Russian.

See, pursuing our passion isn’t enough.

We need to prove our passion.

And we prove our passion by doing our half – by putting in the work so we’re continuing to position ourselves wherever luck is most likely to happen.

Tom is a walking-talking role model of SerenDestiny . . . and he’s earned every minute of it.

How about you?

What’s your dream life – your dream job?

How are you proving your passion? How are you doing your half?

I’d love to hear your story . . .


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