SerenDestiny #12: Are We Having Fun Yet?

“For fast acting relief; try slowing down.” – Lilly Tomlin

57 year old Hedge Funder Stephen Druckenmiller surprised many people in the financial industry this week by calling it quits.

What prompted his decision? A friend asked him to play in a pro-am tournament. Even though Druckenmiller is an avid golfer, he said no because he was too busy.

His friend said incredulously, “You’ve been doing this for 30 years. You’re a billionaire. You can’t take a couple days off to play golf?”

Hmmm . . . SerenDestineers know that taking time off to do what we love is not selfish; it’s smart.

What did you used to love to do – but just haven’t had time for it lately?

Could you carve out time this week to bring it back into your life?

To lead a life we love; we’ve got to make time for what and who we love.

Who are you going to call — what are you going to carve time out for – that will put a smile back on your face this week?


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