SerenDestiny #10: What Can Kenny Chesney Teach Us About Returning to Center?

“You’d think I’d have been happiest in my life playing music in front of 50,000 people. But I was standing onstage and felt like I wanted to be somewhere else. It all just felt like a blank sheet of paper.” – country singer Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney dares to lay bare the truth in an intriguing article “My Playbook for Life” in the Aug. 8 issue of Parade.

After selling more than one million concert tickets in each of the last 8 summers, he shocked many in the music business by choosing to sit this summer out.

“I felt as if I had lost my center,” Chesney says, explaining why he went back to his roots and returned to his hometown to reconnect with family and way-back-when friends.

Once there, he re-found his center when he revisited his first love – high school football.

“It all started for me on that field. Football taught me how hard you had to work to achieve something.”

Reporter Kevin Sussums writes that Chesney’s “eyes lit up at the memory of knockin heads, talkin’ trash, slingin’ mud and dirty grass.”

That phrase was turned into lyrics for Chesney’s new single “The Boys of Fall” and also became the basis of a documentary of the same name (a reverie of innocence lost and manhood found) due to air on ESPN this fall.

What I love about Kenny Chesney’s story is that it models several of the truths I’ve discovered about SerenDestiny.

* When what you’re doing isn’t working; have the courage to stop and do something else.

* When you feel you’ve lost your center, return to what you once loved.

* Sometimes the best way to go forward is to go backward.

* What used to light your eyes up?

* Bring that back into your life and you’ll return to center and once again love your life.

What happened to Kenny has happened to many people I’ve interviewed for my upcoming SerenDestiny book.

When you have the courage to stop and drop – quit what’s not working – it leaves space for something that does.

Do you have a SerenDestiny story?

Did life at one point feel like a blank sheet of paper?

Did you return to your roots and re-visit what once was central to your being?

Did it develop into a new career path or opportunity that’s put the light back in your eyes?

I’d love to hear your story.

Maybe your experience and insights will be the right words at the right time for someone else and give them courage and clarity to “stop and drop” and return to center.

And here’s the link if you’d like to read the reat of that article about Kenny Chesney’s SerenDestiny epiphany.


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